Xavier Tsang

Xavier Tsang


在這12年裏,我見證了 Becandle 的顯著成長!

認識Xavier是於設計創業計劃,那時我們studio單位相隔不遠,自然也較常交流。印象中,Xavier studio裡的書架一直都排得密麻,那時他總是在研究著一些題材,而他在設計及規劃上總能毫不費力地平衡創造和實用兩者關係。


儘管工作日程繁忙,Xavier也很著重家庭生活。他在家中是一個有趣的父親,拍攝當天一踏入家中,便見他全心全意享受著與女兒Ilaam的時光。家裡客廳有個特大墊子,是朋友贈送的珍貴藝術品,也是 Xavier 和 Ilaam 閱讀、玩耍或放鬆身心的區域。


I have witnessed the remarkable growth of Becandle, and it's incredible how our paths crossed as fellow startups emerging from an incubation program in Kowloon Tong.

My impression of Xavier is that he effortlessly balances creativity and practicality. Even though Becandle has gained fame and boasts a large team, Xavier remains adept at managing his busy schedule while still being a fun-loving dad. As soon as he steps foot inside his home, he wholeheartedly embraces the joy of caring for his daughter, Ilaam, and catching up on her day.

Their living room features a spacious cushion, a cherished art piece gifted by a friend. It serves as a cozy spot for Xavier and Ilaam to read, play, or simply unwind and relax in an instant.

The day after my visit, they planned to don matching outfits for a delightful family portrait, capturing the essence of a summer-themed moment, alongside Ilaam's mother.




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