Yaya Chen

Yaya Chen

Yaya來自台北, 我們2010年在荷蘭當交換生時相遇。過去10年來她都住在香港, 努力工作之餘還成為了一位舞蹈家, 也開設畫廊工作室。

作為一間國際室內設計公司的創意總監, Yaya平日工作繁忙,假日時也會盡量抽空在梅窩這樣美麗的島嶼上度過時光, 親近大自然, 尋找寧靜。

Yaya 是一個熱心的學習者, 並總是在尋找新的成長機會。無論是通過手工藝、運動還是藝術, 她都會不斷探索學習。

我認為Yaya的與眾不同之處, 在於她獨特的時尚感。這不一定是某種特定的風格, 因為她喜歡從不同的事物中獲得靈感, 就像她的愛好一樣, 可以輕鬆的做自己, 不論穿著任何顏色或風格的衣服, 都能夠自信地展現自己。

Yaya is originally from Taipei, and we met in Holland in 2010 as exchange students. She has been living in Hong Kong for a decade now after completing her postgraduate studies.

Yaya's schedule is always full, besides her full time job she also pursues her passions as a dancer and gallery host.

Recently, she has been enjoying spending her holidays on islands like Mui Wo to be close to nature, which helps her relax from work. Yaya is always learning new things, such as crafting, sports, and art, which encourages personal growth in her life.

Yaya doesn't have a fixed style, and like her hobbies, she enjoys being inspired. It seems easy for her to wear any color or style of clothing, which I think, because she is comfortable being herself with confidence.




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