Hello , we are the team of GLUE Associates !

As a small business, we have a tight-knit team of three who all play multiple roles to keep things running smoothly. Erick, our founder, focuses primarily on product design, including patterns, graphics, and shop design. He also helps out with marketing, sales, and even carries out porter duties from time to time.

Karen is our clothing designer for both the "GOC" and "Incense Harbour" brands, overseeing every aspect of the production chain. She also assists with managing the shop's daily operations when needed.

Nikki is our shop manager, responsible for both online and offline sales. She primarily looks after the shop and is also our HR and accountant.

We take pride in connecting with our customers and love to hear their stories. If you happen to see us in the shop, please don't hesitate to say hello!

我們是一個三人團隊的小品牌, 由於大部分產品都是我們設計, 所以每個人都需要扮演多個角色, 以保持事物的順暢運行。

創始人Erick主要專注於產品設計,包括圖案、圖形和店鋪設計。他有時還會協助營銷、銷售, 並偶爾承擔搬運工作。

Karen是我們的服裝設計師, 負責「GOC」和「Incense Harbour」的所有服裝設計, 由搜尋物料至生產的每個環節。她還需要協助管理店鋪的日常運營。

Nikki是我們的店鋪經理, 負責線上和線下銷售。她主要負責管理店鋪, 同時也兼任人力資源和會計師。

我們喜歡在店內跟客人互動, 喜歡聽本地及來自世界各地的故事。如果您在店裡看到我們, 來打個招呼吧🙌🏻

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