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Hello !! I am the Designer Erick :)

Hello! This is Erick, founder of Glue Associates (GLUE).

GLUE was started at 2014 in PMQ with a few pieces of own designs and a small selection of unique brands from the local and overseas.
Through the years, Glue has grown from a homeware lifestyle store to a more diverse-product shop, with a larger range of own design products include clothing, accessories and more.
My colleague and I design and create our hand made products inside the shop since day one, the space is multi functional include designing, producing and selling all-in-one. 
We often have of all kinds of ideas in our mind when it comes to design, and will start putting our hands on, testing in our small work shop in the store. Through the many times of trail and failure, it is always encouraging when it leads to a success. Therefore our products are meaningful, unique and limited made which it’s not easy for our customers to find alternative in the market.
Glue Associates is more than just a name to our shop, it is also a brand label for our patterned homeware and apparel which was inspired by the local Hong Kong culture.
Besides GLUE, we have recently started another apparel label named Incense Harbour. It is patternless and more functional in a minimal look, also inspired from the old Hong Kong style with a modern design approach.
We also collaborate with overseas designers and artists occasionally, such as Dominique Jal from Denmark with our 5 illustrations of Hong Kong classic transportation and Kevin Tang from Taiwan for our tea fragrant candles.
Something about myself, I was post-graduated in Design Strategy in Hong Kong with overseas working experience in the Netherlands, Malaysia and Beijing. I started my career in interior design then moved the journey to product design. My daily work is to manage online and offline shop of GLUE, includes visual merchandising, product photo-shooting, website updating and social media marketing, last but not least, also a salesperson by promoting our products to walk-in customers and gain their direct feedback. It is a busy routine but most of the time satisfied.


PMQ, Central 


Tai Kwun, Central 


 From 2015 - 2016, we opened our kiosk in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay. 





On time show, Shanghai 

Design Trade Fair, Tokyo  [ w/ Nikki Sze , our multi task shop keeper  ] 

Craft Trend Fair, Seoul  [ w/ Erick Sze , our multi task designer  ]