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Hello !! I am the Designer Erick :)

Hello !

This is Erick, the designer of GLUE associates. We started the shop at 2014. Since then, we started to design and create products inside our shop. Meanwhile we often hand make our products inside the shop. Therefore "GLUE associates" is a multi functional space for design concept, making and sell. It is very simple. 

We have all kind of special ideas for product design in our mind and we want to make it right away even though it maybe contain a lot of trial and failure. We are proud to introduce our products as special, unique and limited which you can find in nowhere else. 


PMQ, Central 


Tai Kwun, Central 


 From 2015 - 2016, we opened our kiosk in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay. 





On time show, Shanghai 

Design Trade Fair, Tokyo  [ w/ Nikki Sze , our multi task shop keeper  ] 

Craft Trend Fair, Seoul  [ w/ Erick Sze , our multi task designer  ]