Yuan Teng & Family

Yuan Teng & Family

開業初, 認識了台北蠟燭品牌Eye Candle, 正是他們主理人之一凱元剛開始約會太太Zoe的階段。

店內至今一直在賣Eye Candle, 他們在創意及生活上都很有啟發性, 我們一直都會不定期的互相拜訪,除了創業, 還是一同成長的好友。

四年後再次來到台北, 帶上首次出國的兒子, 邀請凱元一家出動, 為我們拍攝今年推出的其中兩套親子裝。或者是穿上親子裝關係, 拍攝時看到他們一家四口互動就算是小孩表情未準備好也感覺到幸福及和諧。同時想起不知不覺跟凱元和Zoe認識已近10年, 於是我問:「生兩個小孩跟一個有什麼分別嗎?」
「兩個小孩幸福加倍!」Zoe 回答。

In the early days of starting my business, I met EyeCandle, a candle brand in Taipei. It was during this time that one of the founders, Yuan, began dating his now-wife, Zoe.

Since then, EyeCandle has been a constant presence in our store. Their creativity and lifestyle are truly inspiring, and we have continued to visit each other periodically. We have not only supported each other in our entrepreneurial journeys but also become good friends, growing together.

Four years later, I returned to Taipei with my son, who was going abroad for the first time. I invited Yuan and his family to join us for a photoshoot featuring two of this year's parent-child outfits. Wearing matching outfits, seeing their family of four interact, even if the child's expression was unprepared, it brought a sense of happiness and harmony. At that moment, I realized that I had known Yuan and Zoe for nearly 10 years. Curiously, I asked, "What's the difference between having one child and having two?"
Zoe replied, "Having two children doubles the happiness!"


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