Pia Ho

Pia Ho


有幸在朋友介紹下與Pia —何秀萍, 又名何利利/ 叉姐見面。

對叉姐最初的認識是透過她做電台主持節目, 之後再去瞭解她的文創工作, 很佩服她在創作上如此多元化。何秀萍在歌詞創作、撰寫書籍和參與戲劇製作等各個領域都很有才華, 她是一個真正多才多藝的文化人。

這次是我們第一次見面, 會面的地方十分特別, 在幽靜的秀華坊裡有間很有型格的帽子店, 多重身份的她在店中擔任店長角色。作為店長, 除平常顧店職務外, 還會發揮它作為文化人的技能 —— 以文字記錄每位購買帽子的客人特徵。在這獨特的地點拜訪她是一次難得又特別的經歷。

Pia喜歡探索, 她會去嘗試各種與她生活方式相契合的不同職業, 這讓我感到共鳴, 也是我一直嚮往、追求的工作方式。親身見證過她的實踐讓我倍感鼓舞!

感謝Pia抽空, 及Winnie介紹。特別鳴謝半山帽子俱樂部借出場地。

I had the opportunity to meet Pia, also known as Lili and Cha Jie, on a single occasion. I initially discovered her through her work as a radio DJ, as she captivated me with her talent behind the microphone. However, as I delved further into her artistic endeavors, I was amazed by her versatility in fields such as writing lyrics, authoring books, and engaging in theater productions. It quickly became apparent that she is a truly multifaceted professional.

Our meeting took place in a truly exceptional setting—a secluded and enchanting niche hat store where she holds the position of shop manager. It was a rare and special experience to encounter her in such a unique location.

One aspect of Pia’s life that truly resonated with me is her penchant for exploring different occupations that align with her lifestyle. It is a work-style that I have always aspired to pursue, and witnessing her embrace it firsthand was truly inspiring.

Thank you for @lilihopia and @envy007. Special thanks to the Mid-Levels Hat Club for lending the venue.



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