Vintage and Republic Sneaker PLUS- Beige

Vintage and Republic Sneaker PLUS- Beige


The new PLUS version with wider width which gives extra spaces to your toes! 


- Reproduce the ultra-wide three-and-a-half labor shoe lasts from the 1980s

-  classic process of one-piece molding

The tongue of the shoe follows the retro sandwich design, so the tongue is not easy to run off

- Upgraded large sawtooth sole, improved grip.


- natural rubber , foam sponge for insoles


- cotton and linen blended — more breathable to the feet


- cotton and linen-blended 

, moisture wicking

- use cotton herringbone upper fabric, which has natural color

** Upgraded and widened shoes have a wider internal space, generally one size larger than the normal size 

Unisex. The size reference please check the below list:

Size EU Foot Length (cm)
220mm 34 22
225mm 35 22.5
230mm 36 23
235mm 37 23.5
240mm 38 24
245mm 39 24.5
250mm 40 25
255mm 41 25.5
260mm 42 26
265mm 43 26.5
270mm 44 27
275mm 45 27.5

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