HARIO LWF Ear Cuff - Reflection (HAA-RF-EC)


Handmade in Tokyo, Japan.

A design that looks like a polyhedron carved from ice.
The summer sunlight is reflected on the polyhedron, creating a cool glow around your ears.

Glass size: 23x24 (mm)
*For one ear (1 part)

● How to put on and take off the ear cuff:
1. When wearing, insert the ear cuff into the thin part of the top of the ear.
2. Insert the ear cuff into the cartilage inside the ear and move it slightly downward to prevent it from falling off.
3. When removing, move it to the thin part above the ear and remove it slowly. If you pull the glass strongly, the glass may break, so please handle with care.

*Ear cuffs have individual differences in stability and comfort depending on the shape and thickness of the ear. Please use it after confirming that the ear cuff product will not fall from your ear.

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