Zishi x GLUE graphic tote bag - play with tiger black (Small)


Introducing our exquisite tote bag featuring the thought-provoking and uniquely interesting illustration style of the artist Zishi. With its minimalist and versatile design, it effortlessly complements any outfit while allowing to express the unique personality. 

Illustrator | Zishi 
Zishi is dedicated to blending classical elegance with modern elements of aesthetics, developing a concise and rhythm-filled creative philosophy.

我們把 Zishi (只是) 耐人尋味又有趣獨特的畫風印在設計簡單的tote bag 上, 讓你我在隨意中也能突顯風格。此袋配有雙帶,可肩背和手提兩用。

插畫家 | 只是
致力揉合古典氣質與現代元素的美感, 發展出簡潔且充滿節奏感的創作哲學。

Crossover with Zishi art.


Size: 33 x 37 cm

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