Motive Whistle Tote Bag

$820.00 $490.00


Have you even imagine a puller is a train driving on the track-like zipper ? We customized our own TRAIN zipper exclusively for this original idea ! 

The pattern are created by our Dutch designer Lisette Scheers, Lisette is a famous graphic design in Asia, she mixes and matches the eastern into western which became an unique style - Nala Designs. Nala Designs are now also popular in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong for it's happy and beautiful style. 

There are 3 compartments in the tote with zipper and button for closure. The inside pocket is designed for small items such as mobile phone, keys, earphone etc. 

We used traditional silk screen technique to create the patterns to copy the old print on the old time train ticket. The small production puller is made by SN-CO alloy to work with YKK zipper. Straps are 100% real leather. 

1. Motive Whistle
2. Motive Track
3. Motive Steam

330mm x 400mm

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