Hong Kong public transport illustration with frame - Blue Taxi


This collection is about Hong Kong's classic public transport in the 80-90s. The illustrations were a collaboration with a Copenhagen-based illustrator Dominique Jal, to reproduce the classic Hong Kong transport with wood grain aluminum frame, easy to match and decorate home.

Red taxi (Urban Taxi) :
The classic red and silver Hong Kong Taxi in 1990s model, the most classic modern of HK Taxi.

Green taxi (New Territories Taxi):
The green and white New Territories taxis are less international recognizable, yet it may have more local feeling especially for those who grew up in the New Territories.

Blue taxi (Lantau Taxi) :
Blue and white Lantau Taxis operate only on Lantau Island (including the airport and Hong Kong Disneyland).

- comes with A4 or A3 size
- paper box packaging
- printed on art paper in Hong Kong
- remotely illustrated in Denmark
- original illustrations of Hong Kong

With frame
Without frame
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