HARIO LWF Necklace - Little Grey Blue Hydrangea (HAII-AG-N)


Handmade in Tokyo, Japan.

IIDA Umbrella Shop x HARIO LWF collaboration accessories.

Textiles from Iida Umbrella Store have become glass accessories.
To match Iida Umbrella Store's bright blue hydrangea pattern, the pale grey glass is used for expressing the lovely little flowers. Enjoy an elegant and chic shine!

Glass size: 8×8 (mm)
Chain length: 450 (mm)
Material: Heat resistant glass(Grey Blue), Brass + nickel free gold plated
*Adjust the chain length with the slide ball

* Colored glass has individual differences in color appearance and shade.
* Please note that each piece of glass is handmade by craftsmen, so there may be individual differences in shape.

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