HARIO LWF Earrings - Oden 関東煮 (HAII-OD-P)


Handmade in Tokyo, Japan.

IIDA Umbrella Shop x HARIO LWF collaboration accessories.

Textiles from Iida Umbrella Store have become glass accessories.
The hanpen and egg motifs are embroidered. It's a unique design that looks like a simple geometric pattern, but you can casually decorate Oden around your ears.

Glass size: 8 x 20 (mm)
Material: Heat-resistant glass, Brass + nickel free gold plated
* Comes with a silicone rubber catch (Be sure to use the catch when wearing earrings)

* Colored glass has individual differences in color appearance and shade.
* Please note that each piece of glass is handmade by craftsmen, so there may be individual differences in shape.

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