Baby cotton knit vest - peacock daffodils


The baby cotton knit vest has a relaxed fit and it features the peacock daffodils pattern in a jacquard knit.

The vest has a button closure and the ribbing at the armhole edges.

About the concept:

"In a green field, wildflowers are hiding in the grass, but we can always spot them by their colors because beauty cannot be hidden. Daffodils symbolize hope and renewal, and their enduring beauty make them become popular for seasonal decorations and gifts in both traditional and modern celebrations." 


Size Suggested Age Range
S (60-70) 4M - 12M
M (80-90) 16M - 3Y
L (100-110) 4Y - 6Y
S (60-70)
M (80-90)
L (100-110)
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