Floral pattern shirt - chrysanthemum blossom

Floral pattern shirt - chrysanthemum blossom


The shirt is made of high quality cotton fabric and it features the pattern of chrysanthemum blossom

The pattern shirt has a relaxed and straight fit, the matching patterned front pockets and a corozo button closure.

It is not only a shirt but also a light jacket that is suitable for all seasons. 

About the concept:

"Yellow chrysanthemum symbolize longevity and good fortune, and are prominent in traditional and modern celebrations. The 'Chrysanthemum Blossom' pattern showcases their elegance and charm."


100% cotton.

Limited production.

Size Shoulder (cm) Chest(cm) Length (cm) Sleeves (cm)
M 50 106 70 24
L 51 110 72 26