Floral pattern shirt - daffodil in the field

Floral pattern shirt - daffodil in the field


The shirt is made of high quality cotton fabric and it features the pattern of daffodil in the field.

The pattern shirt has a relaxed and straight fit, the matching patterned front pockets and a corozo button closure.

It is not only a shirt but also a light jacket that is suitable for all seasons. 

About the concept"

"In a green field, wildflowers are hiding in the grass, but we can always spot them by their colors because beauty cannot be hidden. Daffodils symbolize hope and renewal, and their enduring beauty make them become popular for seasonal decorations and gifts in traditional and modern celebrations."


100% cotton.

Limited production.

Size Shoulder (cm) Chest(cm) Length (cm) Sleeves (cm)
M 50 106 70 24
L 51 110 72 26