Eye candle Room Spray - YARD

Eye candle Room Spray - YARD



Brown glasses containers can prevent the content from deteriorating and effectively preserve our selected aromas.

Contains FORESTALL™, a deodorizing liquid imported from the UK, which can effectively neutralize odorous molecules 

Pair with Eye Candle's selected fragrance. It not only removes odor factors but also retains a comfortable fragrance

- Fragrance YARD
The family members gather together in the night yard. The smell of air combines the cedar bonsai of grandpa and the tuberose taken good care of by the grandma. With the pomelos freshly picked, that’s the scent of grandparents’ house.

Top Note:Jasmine, Tangerine, Pomelo
Heart Note:Tuberose, Ginger Flower
Base Note:Sandalwood, Cedar

Storage life: 3 years