Eye Candle Perfume Oil - CAMPFIRE

Eye Candle Perfume Oil - CAMPFIRE


Eye Candle Fragrance Series - perfume oil

Eye Candle launches the whole new fragrance series with incense cones, perfume and amber jar candle.

We get inspired by the scenes and moments of everyday Life and create these fragrances: Meadow, Vase, Camp, Icetea, Civet, Leather Sofa,Yard, Campfire, Cherry Cola.

- Detail
Sweet almond oil is an oil with a high amount of minerals and vitamins. Its emollient properties this oil is suitable for all skin types.

Fragrance: Eye Candle selects the essential oil from French fragrance brand with hundreds of years history and create series of topics.
Capacity: 10ml

◆ For the first time, put a small amount on skin for the try.
◆ Roll the perfume on wrists, neck, and cleavage.

- Fragrance CAMPFIRE
Campfire is crackling with the smoky smell spreading. Back to nature and experience the breath of the ground. The place is purified unconsciously.

Top Note:Hinoki, Cade
Heart Note:Cedarwood, Patchouly
Base Note:White Musk