Incense Harbour Candle _ Harbourside


無論在哪裡, 點上喜歡的氣味可以放鬆心情也更能享受當下。

我地連同台北 Eye Candle 一同推出了以 Incense Harbour 為主題的蠟燭, 氣味很舒服又帶點神秘, 鋁杯子非常輕又不怕摔破。


Regardless where you are, light up a fragrance candle will relax you and let you enjoy more in the moment.

It’s a cooperation with Eye Candle from Taiwan with a theme of our label - Incense Harbour. The aluminum mug are light-weighted and unbreakable which is easy to handle indoor or outdoor. 

_The big catch ☛ Full Rose
_Sailboat by the shore ☛ CBD Gin
_Coo coo ☛ Lemon & Ginger
_Harbourside ☛ Creamy Sandalwood

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