Studio Mango Cloudy Tissue Case (Blue)

Studio Mango Cloudy Tissue Case (Blue)


No more bad mood on rainy day! Cloudy is a cloud that will make your day.

There is no worry putting tissue paper around your home now! Cloudy tissue paper rack suits every part at your home. With the rain pattern tissue paper, Cloudy supplies your daily hygienic need adorably in your kitchen, bedroom or even living room. This cute rainy cloud will definitely make your family’s day.

The capacity of Cloudy is large enough to put any sizes of tissue paper roll. It protects your tissue paper from getting wet in high humidity environment.

☁ Size
Cloudy: 16 (L) x 13 (W) x 12 (H) cm
Packaging: 20 (L) x 20 (W) x 12.5 (H) cm
*We applied sponge inside the extra thick paper box in the new packaging design. It better protects the lovely Cloudy until it reaches your home.

☁ Colour
1. White
2. Blue
3. Grey

* We used high quality ceramic that performs well in high humidity environment. Every piece is unique!

Plastic spring rod
Rain pattern tissue paper
*We offer original rain pattern tissue paper. You can ask to have panda charm or coin charm pattern tissue paper.