Nozzle Handmade Tie Dye street socks - Blue

Nozzle Handmade Tie Dye street socks - Blue


Each pair of socks is handmade by a tie-dye master, and the appearance of the socks presents a sense of traditional craftsmanship with different colors due to the characteristics of hand-dyeing. 

Series: Layers lite Tiedye
Color: blue dye
Size: 22~28cm
Material composition: 73% cotton, 18% nylon, 6% Skinlife® antibacterial fiber, 3% Lycra® elastic fiber
Manufacturing: Taiwan

※Because it is made by pure hand dyeing, please separate it from other clothes and wash it with low temperature water when washing, and pay attention to the slight fading after washing.




original design


Small production



100% Cotton, American Cotton

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