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Nozzle Dip Dye street socks - Navy

Nozzle Dip Dye street socks - Navy



Layers Continues to Make Craftsmanship Wearable – Dip Dye Technique
The Layers series focuses on the effects created by different techniques, and continues to employ Taiwanese craftsmanship in the making of socks. After the release of the Tie Dye series, the latest series is dip-dyed by hand to create three ombre designs, showcasing a gradation of hues that cannot be replicated by other means. Each pair is uniquely hand-crafted, with minute differences that mark the work of the craftsman. Functional fibers such as Skinlife®’s patented Antibacterial Silver Microparticles and Lycra®’s patented Elastic Fibers were again knitted into this series, providing greater versatility for socks. 

Style : Layers Dip Dye

Color : Dip Orange
Size  : 22~28cm
Composition : 73%Cotton, 18%Nylon, 6%Skinlife®, 3%Lycra®
Made in Taiwan
*Due to hand-dying processing, please handwash with low-temp water. It may be decolored slightly after washing.